So you may Actually get the Picture  

Our menu changes daily. It is all dependent on what the boats get out in the bay and what we can get from the farms that surround this iconic village. Everything here is made by just one pair of hands. These hands belong to Kris. He gets up at 5am to start baking for the bakery that is housed upstairs. These products are then distributed to outlets throughout the village. He then opens the red door to the pub at midday, where you can get bakery goods and enjoy a lovely beverage too. He then preps for the evening, when the bistro is open and you can expect to see lots of hand rolled pasta dishes. He makes the pasta. No one else does round here. So we maybe small but we have one heck of a passionate man at the helm. Don't troll us, don't write reviews on any of these sites, we much prefer talking with you face to face, so you understand us and we can get to understand you. xx

Dietary Requirements: 

If you have an allergy or just don't like something, let us know and we'll sort you out.